My name is Vanessa Rose Phin. Folks usually call me Ness or Nessie. No relation to the loch critter.

I work as an editor, writer, and instructional designer throughout the cosmos. Usually this involves speculative fiction or some degree of pedagogy. I also do calligraphy on commission. My degree's in history, but my red button is space exploration funding. I'm an unabashed classicist groupie. Also a gamer, from FTS to TBSG, roguelike to tabletop. I draw and paint and knit, I love green things and foxes, I'm genderqueer, I run in the dark, and I drink tea.

The story of me is the story of the people around me. I was raised by an engineer and an immunologist, who imbued me with their Trekkiness and their Christianity. My spouse is a Roman historian and Latinist, my favorite co-writer, who encourages my autodidactic tendencies. Phobos and Deimos are the pseudonyms of my two young sons, whom I instruct in the ways of geekitude.

I'm an extrovert and a recovering agoraphobe, so I don't get out as often as I would like, but when I do, I am always surprised by people candy. So don't feel odd about contacting me or approaching me at a con. You are, undoubtedly, delicious.

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