Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stellaris Builds

Here are the Stellaris builds I've been playing with. Some are min/maxed; others less so. Feel free to comment with your own builds and adjustments.

Affable Ants
Build: High social research and low social cost
Traits: Natural Sociologists, Nomadic (or you could remove Nomadic and give them Intelligent for another +10% if you're willing to take on a negative trait)
Ethics: Fanatic Materialist, Pacifist
Government: Peaceful Bureaucracy
Inspiration: After struggling with getting enough social research to do stuff at the beginning of the game, I longed for a more gregarious people. I didn't min/max the social research, as there's that troublesome social cap that comes into play, and I prefer the expansionist touch of Nomadic.

Angry Birds
Build: Maximum carnage
Traits: Solitary, Repugnant, Very Strong
Ethics: Fanatic Militarist, Spiritualist
Government: Military Republic
Inspiration: My sons wanted the "best fighters ever."

Charisma Foxes
Build: Long-lived, long-ruling leaders
Traits: Quick Learners, Charismatic, Enduring, Nonadaptive
Ethics: Fanatic Xenophile, Materialist
Government: Indirect Democracy
Inspiration: Hell, this is just my modus operandi.

Happy Shrooms
Build: Maximizing happiness
Traits: Communal, Conformist, Sedentary
Ethics: Fanatic Spiritualist, Pacifist
Government: Moral Democracy
Inspiration: Psychedelic fungus, man.

Merchant Mollusks
Build: I can haz all teh resourcez!
Traits: Industrious, Thrifty, Nonadaptive, Sedentary
Ethics: Fanatic Materialist, Individualist
Government: Plutocratic Oligarchy
Inspiration: Ferengi. Also my brother, Joe. This is totally his kind of build.

Ninja Turtles
Build: Space cowboys
Traits: Talented, Strong, Repugnant
Ethics: Fanatic Individualist, Militarist
Government: Indirect Democracy
Inspiration: Heroes in a half shell

Science Greeks
Build: Maximum science
Traits: Intelligent, Natural Sociologists, Weak
Ethics: Fanatic Materialist, Individualist
Government: Science Directorate
Inspiration: I just wanted an excuse to use "thalassocracy"

Slaver Lizards

Build: Efficient slavery system
Traits: Communal, Charismatic, Decadent, Resilient
Ethics: Fanatic Collectivist, Spiritualist
Government: Divine Mandate
Inspiration: Cardassians

Space Elves
Build: Extremely long-lived race
Traits: Venerable, Slow Breeders, Nonadaptive
Ethics: Fanatic Xenophile, Pacifist
Government: Enlightened Monarchy
Inspiration: Duh

Spreadable Slugs
Build: Adaptable & happy to settle on more planets
Traits: Adaptive, Nomadic, Solitary
Ethics: Fanatic Spiritualist, Xenophile
Government: Theocratic Oligarchy
Inspiration: I wanted an option that mirrors how I play, which tends toward excessive expansionism. This one focuses outward, on more planet options and a people who are happiest when expanding.

The Swarm
Build: Outbreeding the competition
Traits: Nomadic, Rapid Breeders
Ethics: Fanatic Pacifist, Collectivist
Government: Enlightened Monarchy
Inspiration: I wanted an option that mirrors how I play, which tends toward excessive expansionism. This one focuses inward, on population and food production.

Xenophobic Aardvarks 
Build: defensive empire for castle-oriented play
Traits: Resilient, Strong
Ethics: Fanatic Xenophobe, Materialist
Government: Direct Democracy
Inspiration: I really just wanted to use the aardvark avatar. And Latin, so I could justify the fasces.

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