Friday, June 5, 2015

Nice Little Car Chase; Feminist My Ass

Saw Mad Max: Fury Road a few minutes ago.

The fuck. The actual fuck. Is this what passes for feminist? Is the bar so low?

Where's the feminist badass I was promised? Furiosa makes no sense in this world. Everyone in the Citadel who stands high above the populace, who runs the society, is male. Everyone who fights is male. Right down to the cult of warboys. Women are for sex and milk, reduced to bodily functions. NO EXCEPTIONS. There isn't so much as a Tina Turner amongst Joe's allies. So why would Joe employ Furiosa as an imperator (OMFG, the bad Latin)? She's healthy as hell, so why wouldn't he breed with her? If he's so concerned about males ruling (he even asks if his stillborn baby is male), why does Furiosa even exist?

There are no female antagonists, which shows a lot about how women are pigeonholed in this film to act as body slaves or act as symbols of goodness and civilization. This presumed goodness is why Furiosa gets no character arc: she's good from the beginning because she's female. "Redemption" for no spoken or even implied reason (I served the patriarchy?) does not make an arc. Max and war boy are the ones with character arcs. And Max's? It is hinged on his pre-refrigeratored daughter.

Women need saving; men move the plot. I dug the sniper scene. I really did. But it was an exception. Max saves Furiosa ten times more than she saves him. War boy knows more about repairing the truck than Furiosa apparently does. Max comes up with the plan (tempering Furiosa's "hope" with manly reason) that leads them back from the salt flats. And that wonderful band of badass older women? They die faster than druggies on stripper poles. The wives are virtually nameless and generally reduced to screaming nonentities. Redhead gets to stare at war boy and give him a reason to live. The only frequently-named wife who is clever enough to defy Joe herself is killed off.

And if anyone can walk away from another shameful mutilation of a pregnant body and call it feminist, guess what. You’re not a fucking feminist.

Because pregnant women ARE WOMEN. They’re not plump little toys for dissection to emphasize the vulnerability of the protagonists. This is tripe of the most patriarchal kind. How can you see it and just let it float by? Do you have to have been pregnant and had a c-section to see this for what it is? Is the act of pregnancy so fucking alien to you that you're fine with ripping open a belly in every damned movie? They aren’t carrying the patriarchy: you don’t need to dismember pregnant women from the body of females. I am so very pissed that literally no review I read, no person who posted about this movie, said anything about the violence done to pregnant bodies.

The fuck. I'm going to sleep now, but I'm sure to wake up equally pissed off.

It was such a pretty car chase, most dust than gore. I enjoyed it for what it was. But feminist my ass.

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