Sunday, May 18, 2014

Editing and...Zombies?

Last August, I wrote a short post on Facebook about sleep. I was editing late at night, you see, and had begun to freak out at all of the changes I thought I needed to make to the manuscript. It looked disastrous! I couldn't deal with it, so I went to bed. Eight hours later, in the crisp morning alertness of 5am, I realized that very little needed to be changed. My brain was clearly a morning brain. Or at least a fresh cup of tea brain.

Then I started thinking about brains in general. As comic creatures. Was there an editing brain? Would it be delicious to zombies? A friend prodded me to draw these things. And so I started to draw a story about a clueless editor zombie, terrified that zombies would discover s/he* still had some working (and possibly delicious) brains. It is not meant to imply that editing brains are better than other brains--it's more of a situational comedy about two zombies, one possessing a body part tasty to the other.

This will probably be a comic I'll pump out every now and then. It was nice to pick up a pen and doodle.

* I deliberately left the genders ambiguous.
* Zam = delicious spamified zombie meat. Compliments of my macabre cousins.

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